Ensure Prompt Processing: Provide all requested financial documentation within a 24-hour timeframe.

Maintain Full Disclosure: Provide all sources of income for qualification purposes.

Ensure Full Transparency: Furnish information regarding all debts, including any side businesses, alimony, child support, additional real estate owned, and other relevant financial obligations.

Promote Transparent Communication: Clearly communicate your credit history, regardless of its nature - whether positive, negative, or otherwise.

Adhere to Timely Payments: Guarantee prompt settlement of all financial obligations, including mortgage, rent, car payments, credit cards, and any other outstanding bills.

Exercise Prudent Credit Management: Maintain regular usage of credit cards while refraining from excessive spending.

Ensure Availability: If Purchasing a Primary Residence, Please Plan for Spouse's Presence at Closing

Ensure Ongoing Communication: Stay in frequent contact with your loan originator or designated loan partner.


Before Taking Action: Always Seek Guidance from Your Loan Originator Initially

Stability Matters: Avoid Changing or Quitting Your Job During the Loan Process

Ensure Stability: Avoid applying for additional credit or loans while your current loan application is in process.

Exercise Prudence: Refrain from settling debts, collections, or charge-offs without seeking guidance from your loan originator.

Exercise Caution: Avoid participating as a co-signer or co-borrower on any additional loan agreements.

Preserve Asset Stability: Steer clear of making substantial alterations to your asset configuration.

Minimize Cash Deposits: Abstain from depositing cash into your bank accounts whenever possible.


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